Pricing for Dental Lab Processes

Porcelain Fused to Metal

Non-precious Alloy: $49

Semi-precious Alloy: $79

Porcelain Butt Margin: $15

Captek crown: $99


All Porcelain

IPS Empress Crowns, Inlays, Onlay, Veneer: $85

Zirconia: $99


Full Cast Restorations

Non-precious Alloy: $49

Semi-precious Alloy: $95


Implant Crown (attachments not included)

Non-precious Alloy: $79

Semi-precious Alloy: $109


Denture & Partial

Metal Based Partial: $89

Flexible Partial: $87

Standed Denture: $87

Deluxe Denture: $115


Additional Services

Post & Core (Non-precious): $41

Diagnostic Wax up: $20

Rest Seat: $10

Under Partials: $10

Night Guard (Hard): $55

Night Guard (Soft): $45

Metal Occlusal: $10

Wax Rim: $25

Change Shade: $15

Unilateral Space Maintainer: $35

Bilateral Space Maintainer: $45


Turnaround Time: The turnaround time is up to 12 business days (excluding holidays) from the date that cases are received by the lab. No rush and other exception.


*For Semi Precious and High Noble Alloy Gold, Surcharges Will Apply*