Available Products and Services at Your Arlington Dental Lab

Fixed Cases

Dental Dynamics Laboratory, Inc. offers quality crown and bridge restorations.


Removable Cases

Dental Dynamics Laboratory, Inc. offers quality removable restorations.


We use Astron for partials and Astron MP for anti-snore devices, sports guards, and bruxism guards. This material is monomer free thermoplastic, unbreakable and kinder to mucosa than normal acrylics, and we are able to add this material.


Ivoclar's Blue Line premium teeth are standard for our Partials and Dentures. The Blue Line uses DCL material and uses the Vita shade guide. These are known for natural esthetics, contemporary design, lingual occlusion, and have high wear and plaque resistance.


• Valplast

• Accu-Dent

• Blue Line

• Cementation

• Diagnostic Wax-Up

• Full Cast Gold Restorations

• Implants

• IPS E.Max®

• PFM Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal